Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

An unavoidable fact here is that all brides wanted to look different and special on their wedding day. The key factor which makes the brides look different from all on their wedding day is hairstyle. A single beautiful hairstyle can change your personality from the top to bottom. Medium sized hair can easily be turned into beautiful and attractive hairstyles. Brides with medium hair size can opt for a hairstyle from thousands of dashing and stunning hairstyle. Some of those are listed below. Just have a look and choose one for you of you are going to be a stunning bride in short time.


wedding hairstyles for medium length hair down do aowy

Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

6 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair:


Neck roll:

This hairstyle is rolled from the back of head near neck. This hairstyle is easy to make with medium sized hair. To make this hairstyle, make a ponytail at the back of your head. Now roll the hair from tips to upwards. Pin them with hairpins and cut the rubber band on ponytail. Leave the hair and fix it in its place with hair spray.

Neck roll Wedding hairstyle For Medium Hair

Pin curl Bun:

To make this hairstyle you have to hold very small sections of hair to make the hairstyle more beautiful and stylish. Curl each section and pin them up the head. Do this with all the hair and pin a fancy clip of any beautiful hair accessory on one side of head.

Loose Side Pin curls Bun Wedding Hairstyle

Curly Bun:

For this hairstyle you can give curls to your hair or can keep it as it is. However after that you have to pin small sections at one side of head making them round and leave some hair tips out. Now use hair accessories to make the hairstyle more stylish and attractive.

Curly Bun Wedding Hairstyle Idea

Girlish Curls:

Make your hair straight with straightening iron and curl half length of your hair with big curlers or volume iron. After curling them set them in the way you admire. Enjoy this bridal hairstyle with stylish and elegant hair accessories.

Bridal Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Twisted Bun:

Twisted bun hairstyle is another stylish and highly attractive hairstyle for brides. To make this hairstyle Grab all of your hair and tie a ponytail where you want the bun to be. Now hold small sections of hair from ponytail and roll them to make flowery look then pin them on your hair one by one. Keep the same procedure going on until you get all your hair pinned in same way. Use stylish and glamorous hair accessories or one big flower in between the hairstyle of at one side.

Bridal Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Curled Pony Hairstyle:

you have thick strong medium sized hair then this hairstyle is perfect for you. Most Indian and Christian brides are being seen wearing this hairstyle on their wedding event. This hairstyle is little bit tricky and difficult to make. You need a helper to make this hairstyle as it is little bit difficult. To make this hairstyle you need lots of hair pins, bands and different hair combs. Hair curling iron or barrel curlers are also needed here.
Try out the above given hairstyle techniques to look tremendously elegant, attractive and awesome on your wedding day.

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