Short Layered Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Hair is the part of personality that can be styled differently to change the overall look. A good hairstyle can make us look beautiful while the bad one can destroy the looks. Some have thin hair while other has thick dense hair that could be style in many ways. Here we will discuss short layered hairstyles for thick hair.

  1. Pageboy hairstyle:

Another short layered hair style for thick hair is a pageboy cut. It gives a smooth look to the personality and prominent the chin, jaw line and neck. Girls with oval face, beautiful chi and neck should go for this style. The specialty of this style that makes it different from all other style is the continuous connection of layered bangs. Unlike bob cut in which border of the bangs is distinctive, pageboy cut is smooth and gradually increase in length as travel backwards. The thick fringe at the forehead adds beauty to the look. This short hairstyle is without parting and needs hair straightening for its prominence.

  1. Short edgy layered haircut:

Women with extra thick hair can opt for this style. This short layered hairstyle is in multiple layers which help to reduce the unwanted thickness of hair. It gives your hairstyle a beautiful texture and makes you look stylish. Apply a good hair gel at the tips of the hair to give them a spiky look. This short hairstyle is perfect for women with short and thick neck.

Edgy asymmetrical Short Layered Hairstyles for Thick Hair

  1. Wavy short layered hairstyle:

Among the short layered hairstyle for thick hair this is the most beautiful and gives your hair extra volume. This hairstyle includes four layers first one is at the front which we called a fringe, it touches the eyebrows. Second layer is of cheek length, third one is of chin length and fourth one touches the shoulders. Those who have wavy hair just need to dry their hair naturally after washing while those having straight hair can put in waves with the help of large rollers. Apply a good hair softening serum on the hair and take the first layer divide it into thick sections then wind the hair around rollers. Repeat the same with other layers one by one. Blow dry the hair and when they are completely dried unroll the hair and set them with fingers.

  1. Asymmetrical layered bob:

This is an amazing short layered hairstyle for thick hair. For this style you need to have a bob cut with short layers at nape, chin length layers at the sides and a cheek length fringe at the front. You can style this hairstyle differently, if you want to straight the hair it will give you a perfect Asymmetrical design. Part the hair from one side and make the edges of the hair dead straight.

These short layered hairstyles for thick hair will help you to manage your unmanageable thick hair beautifully in a balanced can try these styles with formal and informal wearing to make your personality attractive.

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