Short Hairstyles for Round Faces For 2016-2017

Face shape is very important when it comes to short hair; one style doesn’t suit all.If your face is heart shaped,  almost every hairstyle can suit  you. If your forehead is large, and face is long you should go with something that has less volume.It should make the face appear softer. So what if you have a round face and want short hair? We have some tips for you. See latest trends short hairstyles.

Wonderful short haircuts for round faces is very difficult to choose. Keep in mind that largest part of the females with round faces  is near the ears. This is the main reason why it is necessary that you  should select short  hair cuts that’ll be able to hide this weak point. If you are not very you will find yourself with a haircuts that will make the face  seem larger than it is.


short sweet round face hairstyle

2015 Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

2015 Short Hairstyles Gallery for Round Faces

One of the very good hairstyle is to get .The side bangs should hit the cheek bones so they frame the face and create angles. Another good hairstyle is to get a side parted long bangs that comes to the chin.This will deflect the roundness of the cheeks. Also a very good hairstyle is an ear length bob with an angled bangs on the forehead.Straight equal bangs can make a face look even plumper and childish.The bangs should be cut just above the eyelashes from cheekbone to cheekbone, angling them down at the sides about three quarters of an inch. A collarbone-grazing short cut is also effective as it has a balancing effect. The fullest part of a round face is the cheeks, so in this hairstyle the weight at the ends of strands enhances angles along the jawline. Cut in almost one length,adding a few soft layers at the bottom add thickness. Don’t be afraid to go extremely short.Getting a textured fringe, paired with short, tapered sides, gives definition to a round face. Be sure to ask for softness around the ears because clipping too much will look masculine.


Cute And Sexy Short Hair For Round Face

Cute And Sexy Short Hair For Round Face

Sleek short haircuts can make a round face  appear even more round, texture will eliminate the roundness.If you have naturally straight hair, apply mousse in the roots and then give it some quick curl with curling wand. A rough bob is very flattering on round faces. This means that the perimeter of your hair should be “razored” and lightly cut around the face and ears to remove weight.

Last but not the least, communicate with your hairstylist. Just don’t walk in and say I want a short hair cut.The hair stylist is an expert, she will look at you in person and advice you what will look good on you. If you already have something specific in mind then don’t forget to take a photo of a model or celebrity with the same hairstyle. This will help the stylist understand what you want and save you from any hairstyle faux pas, since it will take a very very long time to fix a wrong haircut.

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