Short Curly Hairstyles For Women 2016

As long hairstyle looks pretty on girls short hairstyle has its own grace. Hairstyle is long or short it depends upon the personality of a person. Curly hair are once again in now a days, they look graceful and gives your hair a beautiful texture that is eye catching. Moreover it also gives volume to the hair. Here are some short curly hairstyles for women 2016 which will give you an idea of how to manage the short hair.

Short Curly Haircuts For Women

Short Curly Hairstyles For Women

  1. Shaggy cut:

Shaggy cut is an amazing short hairstyle for women with multiple layers. It gives hair a high texture and looks amazing when curls are put in it. Shortest layer in shaggy style touches eyelids while the longest layer touches collar bone of the shoulder. After getting this cut you can put in curls with the help of small rollers. Apply a good hair serum to make the hair soft then by taking small sections put in rollers one by one. Let them dry and then unroll the rollers and set the hair with fingers.

  1. Short curly pixie:

Pixie hairstyle is very short hairstyle with sides of half finger length and central part from front to nape has long hair as compared to sides. Comb the hair properly then with the help of heat iron straight the hair at the sides. Then take an iron rod to put curls in the central hair. This will give a volume to the hair in the center of the head which will look attractive and stylish.

  1. Curly Mohawk style:

Curly Mohawk is another short curly hairstyle for women 2016. In this style the sides are shaved and the central line of head from front to nape has hair of finger length. Use small rollers to put in curls and highlighting the central part.

  1. Curly bob hairstyle:

Bob hairstyle is among the best short curly hairstyle for women. This style is longer at the front and shorter at the back. Front hair touches the chin while hair at the back of head is above the nape. Part the hair from center or from one side depends upon you. Then using iron rod put in curls by taking small sections of hair. Do not forget to apply heat resistant serum to the hair. After curling the overall look will be bouncy and has huge volume.

  1. Round hairstyle with thick front fringe:

Fringe gives an elegant look to the personality and also gives a delicacy to the style. This short curly hairstyle for women 2016 will gives your hair body and volume. In this hairstyle there is a thick fringe at the forehead that touches the upper eyelids while rest of the hair are in even and smooth round cut that is of neck length. Use blow dryer with small round brush to curl the hair by taking small sections. Then set the fringe with the large round brush and blow dry them inward.

These short curly hairstyles for women 2016 will guide you to choose the right styles that will suits your personality. For questions leave comment in comment box.


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