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5 Beautiful Medium Length Layered Hairstyles 2017

5 Beautiful Medium Length Layered Hairstyles 2017

The most important part of personality that enhances our overall look is our hair. In this article you will find beautiful medium length layered hairstyles.

1.    Light Wavy Layered Hairstyle:

For curly couture you need a haircut in two layers. First layer touches the cheek while next layer is of shoulder length. Those who have naturally curly hair just need to use conditioner and let the hair dry naturally after washing. Those girls who want to add light curls should use big hair rollers to put curls. Part the hair into two from left side and by taking small sections wind the hair around big rollers. You can also apply gel to fix waves for long. Dry the hair with dryer and unroll the rollers then set the hair with fingers. See more beautifully medium length haircuts.

2.    Long Graceful Layers:

Another beautiful medium length layered hairstyle is long graceful layers. This amazing hairstyle makes you look graceful and makes your layers prominent. The hairstyle is in three layers first is of cheek length, second ends near jaw bone and third layer touches shoulder. You can set this hairstyle by parting hair from one side and outward blow dry the tips of hair at each layer separately. You can do this medium length layered hairstyle in formal gatherings.

Layered Hairstyle Ideas For Medium Length Hair

Layered Hairstyle Ideas For Medium Length Hair

3.    Curly Shoulder Length Layered Hairstyle:

Curly shoulder length layered hairstyle is gives body to the hair. Start by brushing the hair properly to detangle the hair then apply hair softening serum to make them soft. Take small sections of hair wind them around the heat iron and wait for few seconds until the hair curls up. Unwind the hair and do same with all the sections. This will put tight locks in the hair giving your hair an attractive look.

4.    Volume Boost Layered Hairstyle:

After having a layered hair cut you can add volume to the hair with blow drying them inward and outward. Comb the hair properly to open the tangles in the hair. Then apply heat protecting serum to protect them from heat damages due to blow drying. Blow drying the hair randomly inward and outward from the tips of the hair. Straight the hair at the top and set the hair with fingers to add more volume and texture to the hair. This beautiful medium length hairstyle is best for thin hair girls.

5.    Straight Layered Hairstyle With Heavy Bangs:

This hairstyle best suits the girls with wide cheekbones. Go for a hair cut with heavy bangs on front covering the forehead with layered medium length hair. Apply a good heat protecting serum to the hair and then with the help of straightening iron straight the hair at fore head then straight rest of the hair in their natural direction. The length of the hair at forehead should touch the eye brows. This will give a sleek look to the face and make you look gorgeous.

The beautiful medium length layered hairstyle ideas will give you a wide variety of choice to style your hair differently.

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