Hottest Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair 2015

The biggest problem while getting ready for a party is hairstyle. The good hairstyle that suits your face cut makes you look beautiful and attractive. Here you will find medium length hairstyle for thin hair.

6 Hottest Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair 2015

  1. Front Puff with Light Waves:

This is an elegant hairstyle for thin hair but need little effort. Brush the hair properly to open the tangles then take take hair from the front of the head and do back combing to make it puffy. Secure this puff with the hair pins by bring hair backward. Next step is to curl the hair for light waves. Apply heat protecting serum on the hair and use iron rod to put light waves in the rest of the hair. Then by moving fingers through the hair loose the curls to give them a bouncy look and volume. See More medium length haircuts for thick hair.

  1. Perm Hairstyle:

Perming is the best option for thin hair quality to give volume. Although this medium length hairstyle for thin hair is time taking but can be done easily at home. Wet all the hair and by taking small sections make braids of all the hair. Use hair dryer to dry the hair then untie the braids and set the curls with hands. This perming style will give a fluffy look to the hair. You can either half tie the hair or leave them open, it will look charming in both ways.

Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair


  1. Ponytail with Puff:

Another pretty hairstyle for thin hair is a ponytail with puff. For this first of all brush the hair properly opening the tangles. Take the section of hair from the top center of head, do little back combing to this section then taking it backwards fix with the bobby pins. Taking back rest of the hair make a high pony. This hairstyle can be done with both formal and informal dressing. Medium length haircuts with bangs.

  1. Curls Hairstyle:

Curls are the perfect way to disguise the thin hair. Besides looking elegant they also give body to the hair. Take sections of hair, apply hair moisturizer or hair softening gel to it and wind it around the hair roller. Do same with all the hair and let them dry. You can also use dryer to dry them quickly. When hair get dry unroll the hair and set them with hands.

  1. Inward Blow Dry:

Girls with thin hairs should try this hairstyle that gives a bouncy look to the medium length thin hair. Apply hair serum that protect hair from heat damage. Then with the help of blow dryer and large round brush do inward blow drying from the hair tips. You can use hair accessories like hair clip, beads, flowers to embellish your hairstyle.

  1. Back Swept Curls:

This hair style is made with the help of dryer. You just need to curl the hair backward by pushing section by section with round brush and heating with dryer. Use hair spray to fix the style for long time.

Managing thin hair is very tough as you can style them in few ways and cannot experiment much. These medium length hairstyles for thin hair will help you to style hair in various ways.

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