Latest Trendy Long Inverted Bob Hairstyles Ideas

Women do a lot of effort to keep their hair look shiny and gorgeous because hair abolish or demolish the personality. now a day fashion trends are changing so quickly and everyone is in the competition to beat others in style. When we talk about style hair is the most important one. There are so many hairstyles which you can try but the one which puts a beauty to your personality is inverted bob hairstyle. This hairstyle is liked by young ladies especially those who work in office. In this article we will discuss long inverted bob hairstyles which give you a stunning look.

Inverted bob hairstyle is different from all other styles. In this style hair length at front is larger than the hair at the back. It gives A-line look when viewed from back. Hair at the back are cut in layers than the length gradually increases towards front. But keep in mind that the section of hair at the forehead is of cheek length. You can style this inverted bob hairstyle in so many ways.

Easy Long Inverted Bob Hairstyle Ideas

Easy Long Inverted Bob Hairstyle Ideas

Latest Trendy Long Inverted Bob Hairstyles Ideas


Hair straightening is very common today. Girls keep straightening iron in their bags and do the styling whenever they want. So this inverted bob hairstyle is done with heat iron. After the bob hair cut straight your hair with iron. Be careful about the directions in which you are moving the iron. Straight the hair with long length by moving iron towards the front and hair at the back part downwards. Iron the fringe on forehead towards right. Take a small section from the crown and do the back combing to make a low puff. Straight the hair from top to tip to get neat looks and to make the hair cut prominent. This hairstyle can be done with office suit or at formal gatherings.

Girls who have thin hair and want to add volume to their long inverted bob hairstyle can try curls. For this you need rollers dryer. For getting curly inverted bob with rollers wet your hair, and then apply gel by dividing hair into various small sections. Dry the hair with blow dryer and un roll the rollers. Set the curls by putting fingers through the curls. This will give your bob style a bouncy look. You can do this styling with the gowns, frocks and other glamorous dresses.

Another way to do the styling of long inverted bob hairstyle is by using hair dryer with large round brush. Comb the hair to open the tangled hair and then divide the hair into different sections. Clip the fringe at forehead on right side and divide rest of the hair equally from center. Clip each section so blow drying could be done properly. Unclip the section one by one for blow drying. Blow dry the hair tips inwards and make them falling forward gradually from back to front on shoulders.

Long inverted bob hairstyle can also be dyed and you can put on highlights to make them look charming. For questions leave comment in the comment box.


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