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The Latest Short Hairstyles Trends & Haircuts for Women 2017 - Hairstyles Portal

The Latest Short Hairstyles Trends & Haircuts for Women 2017

To see the latest cute short hairstyles and haircuts. Or maybe just new wearable short hairstyles trends for women this season for you to try at home. Then you’ve come to the right place!

Beautifully Medium Length Haircuts For Thick Hair

Medium length hair is ideal for girls because long length can be troublesome for girls to take care of and short length is for specific facial features. Medium length hair can contain right haircuts. The medium length hair is usually known as the most versatile hair for stylish girls. Haircuts vary between long, medium and short length hair. Girls and ... Read More »

Best Short Hairstyles for Curly Hair 2017

Curly hair are adorable and beautiful. Everyone loves curly hair, and people with straight hair, especially curl their hair for special occasions. A curly hairdo is very striking and always attracts the onlookers.Many people love having curly hair but some don’t think it is as much fun because it is difficult to maintain curly hair and find good hairstyles for ... Read More »

Latest Black Hairstyles for Short Hair 2017

Short Haircuts for Black women 2017

Black short   hairstyles, performed on thick hair, look adorable and sassy and they suit all face shapes. You are only required to opt for the right length and this is it.  Captivating looks in this collection of images are both of famous personality’s celebrities, and beauty bloggers.   A classic short hairstyle suggests a normal single-length cut. Such a technique adds ... Read More »

9 Sexy Short Bob Hairstyles For Black Women 2016-2017

Following are the latest short bob hairstyles for black women 2016 Color Pop with Long Bob:   One of the preferences black ladies have over different ethnicities is their capacity to wear striking, brilliant hues no sweat. While this is typically restricted to garments and adornments, it doesn’t need to be with hair. Have a go at shading your bob ... Read More »

Short Hairstyles for Round Faces For 2016-2017

Face shape is very important when it comes to short hair; one style doesn’t suit all.If your face is heart shaped,  almost every hairstyle can suit  you. If your forehead is large, and face is long you should go with something that has less volume.It should make the face appear softer. So what if you have a round face and ... Read More »

Latest Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

Beauty and fashion should be for anyone and everyone. Just because you are past a specific age doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to a certain hairstyle, or become boring with respect to fashion. You don’t have to keep dyeing your hair as well. If you chose a haircut wisely according to your face shape and hair type, you ... Read More »

Latest Trends Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Black women are attractive, strong and bold. They usually have very bold looks. They mostly carry short hair that suits their personality. All black women not carry the same haircut but most of them carry hair according to their skin tone, body shape and height. Here are some common and trendy haircuts for black women that they can have and ... Read More »

5 Best Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair 2016

You are gifted by nature with thick hair, So many women are envious of this blessing of yours .The problem of limp hair and lack of volume never stroked you. Being clean and groomed, your thick locks are the best natural jewel that doesn’t require any kind sophisticated rim in terms of those fancy hairstyles. At the same time, thick ... Read More »

Why Are Quick Short Natural Hairstyles Best for Working Ladies?

Whenever a person imagines a working woman, they imagine a highly professional woman in a skirt-suit or a female suit who, in most cases, has a short natural hairstyle. Short hairstyles are considered to be the best hairstyles for working ladies, and many people wonder why. Well, the following are some of the most significant reasons why short hairstyles are ... Read More »

Top 5 Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair 2016

Having straight hair is a privilege in many ways because there are so many styles you can go for with supple locks that can be curled, turned into wavy, make up do or keep them as they are naturally. They look awesome with highlights and streaks too. Giving a new lovely look to your hair is always appealing and for ... Read More »