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Ideas Of Formal Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Ideas Of Formal Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Hairstyle is very important to enhance the overall look of the personality. A good hairstyle can make you the center of attraction in formal parties. It is a little bit tough thing to style medium length hair then long hair. This article will give you few ideas that how to make a formal hairstyle for medium hair.

4 Ideas Of Formal Hairstyles For Medium Hair

1.    Tousled and teased with side puff:

This is the most stylish and graceful formal hairstyle for medium hair. For this type of hairstyle you first need to part the hair from left side into two. Take a section of hair from the front and do back combing to form a side puff by taking the hair towards right side. Push the puff outwards with fingers for fluffier look. Comb back rest of the hair and put curls in them with the help of heat rod for hair. Apply heat resistant hair ream to the hair and by taking small sections of hair wind them around the heat rod. When all the sections are done set the hair with fingers by teasing the curls. More long formal hairstyles ideas.

Best Formal Hairstyle For Medium Hair

2.    Bump and twist:

This formal hairstyle for medium hair can be done with gowns, maxi etc. detangle the hair for smooth and neat look. Apply hair shiner or hair serum for moisturizing hair. Part the hair from left side and take a section of hair from the crown of head, do back combing or you can also use hair pad for bump, which is easily available in market. Hair pad will give a fine look to the bump. Take section of hair from both sides and twist them to form a rope like texture. Secure both twisted sections with bobby pin at the back of head. Twist all the hair at back to form a loose bun. Pull out few strands of hair randomly to give bun a spiky and rough look.

3.    Curly bun and a side French braid:

French braid gives amazing texture to the hair and enhance the look of the hairstyle. Brush the hair backwards to open the tangles then start making french braid from left side on forehead and gradually proceed towards right side by continuing making braid. Tie the hair at back with a ponytail and wind the ponytail around the pony loosely. Embellish the hairstyle with fresh flower to add more beauty. Medium length layered hairstyle.

4.    Spike bun:

Spike bun is an elegant formal hairstyle for medium hair that will impart you a soft and neat look. Brush the hair thoroughly and straight with the straightening heat iron. Then parting hair from left side brings the section of hair passing over the forehead towards right side and makes the ponytail of all the hair at backside. As hair is of medium length the ponytail will not be much long. Apply hair gel to the ponytail making spikes. This will form a spiky bun at the back.

These formal hairstyles for medium hair will help you to manage the hair while going to formal parties in an easy way.

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