Elegant and Cute Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair women always think of short hair in hot summers. Hold on! You do not have to cut your hair down for this. We have brought some awesome tricky hairstyles with which you can enjoy short hairstyles with long hair in this hot summer season. Try one of the following hairstyles to get a perfect hairstyle for summer.

Turned long hair

This hairstyle is perfect for young or college girls. Those girls who have long hair just have to wear a simple hair band around the head. Now hold all the hair from tips and put them in hair band near neck, beneath the above hair. Use hair pins to fix them in place and use hairspray if needed. Enjoy this short cute summer hairstyle for long hair.

Easy  Amanda Seyfried  Summer Hairstyles for 204

Cute Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

Soft Curly Waves

Make your long hair curly or wavy with barrel curls or curling iron. Use stylish clips or hair pins to keep few sections of hair half tied. You can also make loose braid of hair to get awesomely stylish look in summer. This Hairstyle is perfect for all face types.

Fishtail Braid

This hairstyle is perfect for summer season where you get free from irritation of free hair. Braid captures all your hair at one place and do not let them free easily. You have a choice of simple braids or fishtail braids however fishtail braids are more reliable for summer. This Hairstyle is perfect for all types of faces.

Side Bun

Take hand full of all your hair and tie a rubber band or any stretchable band around to make a ponytail where you wanted your bun to be. Now hold small sections from ponytail. Twist and round them around the band then pin it up with any hairpin to make it fix in its place. Smaller the sections you will take reliable the hairstyle will be. Pin all the sections one by one. You can also convert the bun in different styles while rolling them and pinning them up.

Haircut Volume Layers Hairstyle

Crown Braids

It is a princess look hairstyle which is perfect for summer season. To make this hairstyle just tie a braid at one side of your head at the back. Hold your braid when it completed, tie small invisible rubber band then put it around your head crown. Stick the braid at another side of head with pins to make it fix. Enjoy this beautiful princess look hairstyle in summers. This hairstyle will suit round faces, oval faces and heart shaped faces.

Crown Braids Elegant and Cute Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair for 2015

Crown Braids Elegant and Cute Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair for 2015

Volume layers

Hairstyles can be adopted according to the occasion and event. In summer season if you are going for a party then you can make volume layers with volume iron. Make different layers in a way that hair looks rough but beautiful. Keep this hairstyle in college or University parties. This hairstyle is perfect for round, oval, hear shaped and long faces.

Try out the above mentioned cute summer hairstyles for long hair to make your summer more enjoyable and elegant this time.

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