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The 12 Best Men's Haircuts for Curly Hair 2016

The 12 Best Men’s Haircuts for Curly Hair 2016

Curly hair is surely the cutest. But people often believe that curly hair is difficult to manage. It maybe so, but with some sense and guidance curly hair can be turned fab and manageable. And top of all, sexy and stylish. You will always be amazed as to the multitudes of hairstyles applicable for curly hair.

                1. The Cool Shaggy Medium Length Hairstyle For 2016:

Shaggy style curly hairstyles for thick hair men
This is cool for the teenagers an college going people with naturally floppy curly hair. This will look good if you have silky curls, rather than rough ones. Let your bounce take over.

               2.  The Curly Short Hairstyle For 2016 :

Short Curly Hairstyle for Men 2016
Keeping the top curly , while the sides are trimmed. This hairstyle gives suppleness and volume. It is very charming on all men.


               3. The Charming Medium Length Curly Hairstyle For 2016:

Hairstyles for men with curly hair
Grow hair a bit, and leave them floppy and natural. This hairstyle is for the college dudes, itha fresh ad young look. It lets your natural curls flourish and bounce. And makes you look young and carefree.

             4. The Olympian-like Medium Curly Hairstyle For 2016:
This is an old fashioned Greek Looking hairstyle. It is a completely natural hairstyle without products. Simply comb the hair backwards after getting a medium trim. Easy to manage ad maintain.

              5. The Long Curly Shaggy Hairstyle For 2016:
This is for people with an easy going, nonchalant responsibility. It gives a soft, charming look to the wearer. Simply let your hair grow,keeping the soft and natural without product.

Curly hairstyle for men 2016

              6. The Slick Back Side-parted Hairstyle For 2016 :

full framed curly hairstyles for mens
You get a side parting and then get the sides trimmed, keeping the top full. This gives a lot of fluff and volume, making hair look heavy and abundant.  It gives the face a boyish touch.

            7. The Medium Curly Hairstyle For 2016:
It is a masculine looking hairstyle.you brush. you the hair and trim the sides backwards. It is an a extremely smart looking and charming haircut.

          8.  The Medium Length Curly Top and Slightly Trimmed Sides and Back For 2016:
Brsuh up the hair, and get the snipped at the edges. Then trim the sides closely. It is a tidy,  manageable look.

           9. The Charming Medium Length Curly Hairstyle For 2016:
Simply snip the edges of your curly hair, leaving the volume and fluff of your natural, un gelled hair. The ringlets should brush your head. It gives a innocent, sweet and charming look.

          10. The Stringy Topsy-turvy long Hairstyle For 2016:

Hairstyles for Curly Frizzy Hair for Men
If your curls are closed and string, this is the perfect style. Simply grow your hair the desired length, and leave them un styled. It gives a cool, casual and chic look. It lets your natural hair color and texture.

            11. The Slick Corporate Short Curly Hairstyle For 2016:
For corporate and office going people. It is a close cropped haircut overall. Gives a neat, tidy and official look.

             12. The Awesome Medium Length Curly Hairstyle For 2016:
This fabulous hairstyle is definitely attractive and awesome to wear. The soft curly hair falls naturally in front in contrast to the slightly trimmed sides and back. Cool and attractive, this hairstyle will enhance your boyish look and make you look very charming.

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