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Beautiful Hairstyle Ideas For Men With Curly Hair

Beautiful Hairstyle Ideas For Men With Curly Hair

We talk and discuss too less about men hairstyle. Curly hair look graceful but few males think that they cannot style them much. In this article you will find hairstyles for men with curly hair.

5 Beautiful Hairstyle Ideas For Men With Curly Hair

  1. Full framed hairstyle

This hairstyle is very simple do and does not take much of your time. Apply a good hair moisturizing cream all over the hair and remember not to leave any part as it is essential to give softness to the hair. After applying cream take a narrow tooth comb and comb your hair by bringing hair from the center of head forward and slightly combing outwards the hair around ear. This will give a puffy thick look to your hair. Men,s hairstyle short sides long top.

  1. Curly side puff

Side puff looks elegant with formal dressing and it gives volume to the hair. For this hairstyle apply hair gel and put all the hair towards left side. Then with the help of wide tooth comb lift the hair outwards to make a side puff. Set hair on the right side with fingers forcing them backwards.

Shaggy style curly hairstyles for men



  1. Layered hairstyle

This hair style gives you a very natural and cool look. In this style the hair on the sides are cut little bit short then the hair on the top. You can set this hairstyle by bringing front hair forward on the forehead along with the hair on the top. This will prominent the layers making your hairstyle look interesting. This hairstyle looks best on oval, round and pear shape face cut.

  1. Shaggy style

Shaggy is another hairstyle for men with curly hair. It is a rough look hairstyle that could be done easily. For this you need a cut with multiple layers. Different layers keep the overall look of the hairstyle balanced. Once you got the haircut set the hair by applying hair softening cream. It is important for hair to look soft in shaggy cut. Bring the layer of hair from the top center of head forward on the forehead. Manage rest of the hair by combing with fingers in the natural direction of hair. You can make this style fluffier with the help of wide tooth comb.

  1. Curly Mohawk

This is a funky looking hairstyle that catches the eye of many. The side hair are shaved off and the hair at the center line of head from forehead to the neck part are kept lengthy. After having this hair cut you can set you natural curly hair with gel. Apply the gel on the hair and slightly push them upwards. This will form a puffy line in the center.

  1. Spirals

This hairstyle gives a huge look to the head. You can make this style with formal dress. Perm the hair and make them fluffier with the help of comb. Bring hair at top forward and rest of hair according to their natural direction.

Most of the time we discuss about women hairstyles as they seems to us more fun to handle their hair. These hairstyles for men with curly hair will give ideas to style men’s hair differently.


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